Subscription & Payment Questions

How to access the videos once I have made my purchase?You will receive these automated emails from the system immediately after successful payment. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM / JUNK / PROMOTION folders if you cannot find the email. You may also do a search in your email client’s search bar by typing in : [email protected] to find the emails:
1. A subscription confirmation email which acts as your payment receipt
2. An email with a temporary password / username to log in.
3. An email from paypal with your payment confirmation.

Please copy and paste the temporary password, click on “Login” found in the top right of the webpage, and use this password to login. (Your user name can be what was assigned for you, or your email address).
Once logged in, we suggest you change the temporary password to a new password of your choice. You will be able to access all the videos under the “video” tab / menu once you have logged in.
How do I purchase the webinar package? Do I have to open a PayPal account?No you do not need to open a paypal account. You can purchase with your credit card / debit card.
Why is my credit / debit card payment rejected?There may be various reasons, for example:
Authorisation for online purchase with purchase limit activation may not have been requested and approved by your bank.
Many banks’ debit cards have strict usage policies for fraud prevention purposes, especially for online purchases. You need to check with your card’s issuing bank to enquire the reason for rejection.
Can I subscribe without using credit or debit card?Depending on the country you are located, please contact “[email protected]” to request for assistance.
I tried logging in, but failed. Maybe I have forgotten my password. What can I do?You can reset your password by clicking on the “forget password” link at the login window. You will receive an automated email with the temporary password to log in, which you should change again, same procedure like when you first signed in. Again, please check your spam / junk / other mailboxes if you do not see the email from the system immediately after submission for changing password.
I cannot log in because the log in math problem keeps giving me error.If your web browser’s setting are set to providing a drop down answer for you to select based on previously entered number, please do not select any, but type in manually the answer instead. Please email [email protected] for assistance if multiple attempts failed.
Why are scores not provided with the subscriptions or provided on screen for easier reference?The licensing does not allow us to feature the printed scores on the screen during the webinar, only to record and present the audio of the pieces.
Why can’t I download the videos for future reference since I have purchased the subscription?These recordings are the intellectual property of ABRSM and are unavailable for downloading and sharing. This is also because special licenses cover the recordings of these pieces, for a limited time period and for certain purposes only (i.e. for webinar broadcast, not for download and sharing).
Why can’t the subscriptions be for a longer period, like one year?To run and manage the webinar site incurs ongoing maintenance costs, as well as continued license fees etc. It may be a possibility to organise this in the future, however the concept of the existing webinars was to replace the live events, which are not possible due to the current pandemic. The live event was only one day, so we hope having continuous access to the webinars for several weeks, including the option to pause, rewind and replay at your convenience, will offer many benefits compared to historically when this content was only delivered across a one-day event.
Why is the webinar the same pricing as the August run, even though access period is given for longer?The August webinar not only provided exclusive advanced access to the content, but also had built-in Q&A feature for attendees to use and ask presenter questions, as well as certificates of attendance, retail discounts (worth up to 50% of the subscription value and more in some territories) and access to the prize draw. These additional features are no longer in this re-run.
I did not make time during the previous webinar run to watch all the videos. Can I request to view the rest of the videos since I have paid for it previously?As per the terms and conditions, the access period of the webinar is stated and therefore we cannot give free access for subsequent webinar runs. Those who subscribed previously will be given a special discount to attend again, should they wish to extend their access. Our previous live events were only one day, so the lengthier access period for the online webinars allows teachers much more time and flexibility to watch and enjoy the content at their leisure. It is therefore up to the subscriber to prioritise their time accordingly, to make sure they get the most value out of the webinar content as much as possible during the access period.
Why does the webinar only feature some alternative pieces and not all?The aim of the webinar, as the live events, was to present the pieces in the books (81 pieces in total, across grades IN, 1-8) and a selection of alternatives at the higher grades. The total number of pieces recorded were 108, however the complete syllabus has 270 pieces. Please note that most pieces (especially C list pieces) often incur very high licensing fees. If the full range of pieces were to be featured, it would drive the costs of production higher and ultimately cause the subscription fee to go higher too.
I have questions about the content of the webinar. Where can I ask Mr Loo questions about the teaching?The Question and Answer sessions were an exclusive feature in the original run of the webinars. These answer sessions are viewable as part of the next run of webinars, but it is not possible to ask more questions to the presenter.
If the website have problems, will we get additional time to access after the access period?We strive to provide the best possible viewing experience for subscribers and any extension of access due to the website problem will be resolved at the soonest possible. Consideration of additional access will be based on the severity and duration of problems occurred, if any. Our T&C (Please read point 16-19) state that there is no guarantee of uninterrupted or error free service and we shall not be liable for additional claims if downtime occurs. We also reserve the rights to temporary pause access from time to time for scheduled or unscheduled website maintenance with or without notice.
I subscribed to grades 6-8 bundle by mistake. Can I add grade 1-5 in my bundle and pay the difference?Subscription cannot be upgraded or downgraded after purchase, as per our T&C point number 11. You will need to purchase the additional bundles / grades separately by logging into your subscription account.
Why did paypal charge me extra (1%), more than the RM300 purchase price?If you are based in Malaysia and use a Malaysian bank card to purchase, all charges will be in RM as per our product pricing via our collection agent – PayPal. The extra charges does not come from PayPal and is a discrepancy from your credit / debit card issuing bank. Please contact your bank to verify. Please read point number 9 in the T&C document

Technical Questions

Why are the videos loading so slowly?This could be due to many reasons, or combination of reasons. To self troubleshoot the problem, please follow the guidelines below. If your problem could not be resolved, drop us an email with detailed descriptions. Email: [email protected]

1. Do you have multiple tabs opened in your browser with different videos loading in the background? If so, please close all tabs and view only one video at any one time.
2. If you are using mobile devices such as hand-phones or tablets, try to download another browser from your device App Store. “Firefox Browser” is recommended to solve logins and video playing problems faced by some subscribers
3. If a site is generally known to work in your browser, one other suggestion when it stops working normally is to clear the Cache and deleting your saved Cookies for the webinar site on your browser.
4. Try to use a different device (if available) or connect to another internet source to see if the video works. It could be a simple matter of slow performance of your internet.
I tried resetting my password, but I did not receive any email notification in my inbox or spam box.Kindly email us to re-set the login for you: [email protected]
The video I am watching stops midway all the time. What can be wrong?Every video has a time stamp on it for security reason. If you take too long to watch the video, the link automatically changes and the previous link would have expired. All you need to do is to refresh the page and toggle to where you left off to continue.
Why have I been logged out half way through browsing the website after I have logged in?Does anyone else have your account login details? If an unauthorized person is using or sharing your account, the website will log you out when you attempt to navigate to a different page, and vice versa.
I use 4G mobile internet and I use my mobile device to watch the videos, why are the videos loading so slow with frequent interruptions?Mobile internet provider’s 4G coverage is based on their coverage area. Please check with your mobile service provider for your coverage area.